Love is in a green bus!

People say that you shouldn’t be searching for love, that love will find you…yeah sure.

Today I decided to not wait for Daniel, because he takes ages to leave the office and we walk to the right and sometimes in the middle of the walking I have luck and take a bus that take ages to arrive to the metro station.
I left office alone so I went to the left and walk to wait the bus. I walk a bit further and I dont wait in the bus station that is near work,  because I wanna avoid co workers and I have more chances to get a seat of I go further. 
I always take the the same bus … just once since the two months that I have been in this office I took the green one, but this time I said…I wanna take the green bus….and it came.
For my surprise it has many seats and after a fast thinking I decided to seat next to a cute guy …
The bus moved forward… as I never take this bus I was a bit surprised for the route it was taking, but I thought it was ok…
Suddenly I saw a boy asked to a woman…is this bus going to Metro B? The woman answer -no.  
Dammit!!!! I didnt know what to do then. I was in the middle of nowhere.  I hesitated to ask the guy next to me, but I got shy. 
Rapidly I thought about leaving the bus … but I didnt. I contacted Eduardo and he told ok “stay until the last station, then follow the people and walk, you will arrive to a place where you can take a bus to Metro M”.  Well, it was better than being lost in the middle of nowhere.
Suddenly, all the people was leaving..and I saw this guy was giving me that look … I asked: is this the last station?. Yes, he said.
I moved fast and we left the bus.
I saw he was behind me but he has his earphones on. I asked: hey where are you going? 🙂   He said…to this … me…hmm, ok you know I took a wrong bus and now I dont know how to arrive … I was told I could take a bus to the metro near here… He said bla bla bla to the Eagle Store. Me, ok, thanks. As I saw the put his earphones on again I thought he didnt want to talk anymore.
I was walking, he was behind me. When I saw the Eagle store I realized I had no idea what to do from this. 
I was shy but turned to him and said “I forgot what I must do from Eagle store”.. he said…oh over there you can take the bus. I was confused so he added “you take it in the same place I am going to take mine”.  So, we walked and chat. We arrived to the place where we should wait for the bus. I was drizzling but I didn’t take out my umbrella.
I asked -so you work near (the place where I took the bus)?. He said he works (add here the second most famous carrier of mobile phones in your country). I said…wow, so you are an engineer… I work in hw (Telecom company). So, from here all was ¨easier¨ seems we both work in Telecom companies and our companies work very much with each other. In fact he has come to my building and he will come again  because he will install some network. 
He said…you can wait for bus A here, I will take bus B … but it takes maybe you better take bus C.  Bus C was about leaving and I answer … I will wait a bit more here.. 😉 
As, it seemed it was going to rain more..he added I guess we should take bus C better … I agreed and we take the same bus. We seat near and were chatting. 
He talked ..I was smiling like an idiot (as I always do) we talked about food and he said maybe someday we could go to eat or we see us in my building …like if maybe the destiny would put us again together.
I decided to move forward. I already had told him my name and well his name is Rodrigo!!!!! Which is surprising, because few days ago I was remember that famous Spanish hero named Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar and I was thinking of how much I like that name, such a powerful Castillian name and I even thought about name my son Rodrigo, hahahaha!!! And his name is Rodrigo!!!!!
As he was going to leave soon… I luckily remember I had a business card in my purse… I found it fast and gave it to him … sadly all has changed …the address, phone and my email … 😀 He said: don’t you have a pen so you write me your number? I stupidly said I don’t remember it but I will write you my email. He told me his email and we agreed to write to each other.
He said sometimes he is very stressed and mad coz his work so would be nice to talk to me … hahahaha…
We said bye and he gave me a bye kiss in the cheek…
he left and I was extremely happy ….. he looks like Bruno Mars…
Maybe  I am anticipating but maybe he could be …. a nice guy with whom I can enjoy life…
come on!!! Engineer, Rodrigo, has been in my building …he added he almost never take the green bus neither …
was it just coincidence?
I dont think so..
I hope he will write me tomorrow … if not …I will…
what the hell? what can I lose? 🙂