I never saw him again

No, I never saw him again.

It was just that day in the bus.

I know where he works, that he plays soccer and the guitar. That he has a son. I know his phone number.

Some days ago I went for a meeting in his company. I told him. All the time I was there he said oh come to the fifth floor to greet me.

Time ran. He left by the time I was free of the meeting. He surely was not interested in meeting me.

Other day I went again near his office, he claimed to be in a meeting and that he couldn’t go down to meet me.

Why? Why I keep doing this?

I just saw it once, but my mind/heart started dreaming and planning. I would have leave it all….because of him and the idea that I had of him.

Maybe I should leave it all behind, not for him but for me.