fast update

many things have happened ..

I discovered it really sucks not to know what happened in your life in the past…

I meant, since I started writing my first blog I saw it was really cool being able to read what you were feeling-facing-living in some period of your life.

I will try to write a fast sumary.

Rodrigo  – Never saw it again… I dont chat to him anymore, tho I must confess I felt very bad last week the stress at work, the flowers that kikiri boo said to me and work and some mistake I did at work… made me feel very nervous.. I had a panic attack. So, I went to eat to the restaurant Eat-Eat and I feel he could be there, I felt he could appear from nowhere and I feel catch that made me feel even worst that evening.

I wanted to cry go home. I went to the bathroom and put some water on my face. I was nervous because I had to drive back home and I still dont know the way. I dont know why I am so absent-minded.

I also dont drive so well, yet, which really sucks, but OK I think all is a matter of practice. I have had 2 little accidents at home while parking.. dammit. My mother made me feel bad andnervous, instead encourage me to drive, she makes me feel as piece of shit.

But ok, I must still be brave, coz I need to drive … I cant live in buses and metro forever …

Work, pfff, I wanted to quit a couple of times. I have been doing mistake and I hold my responsability but the local office guys …men, they are such bastards and have a bad attitude towards me.. anyway they need to add more fiber to their diet.

It´s ok, I can face it..

Love, Josef is still in Europe.

I still kinda chasing Fergie, thing, I should stop doing. Some months ago we went to beer factory, had some liters of beer after the office … we were a bit typsi, trying to get the way out of the Mall…we crashed into each other …finshed being face to face and we kissed …. it was very sweet.

I kissed in his car also during the red lights … I wont lie,  I did enjoy it.

WE kissed while walking in the parking lot, but I do must confess the kisses were short, inocent … not much tongue. After that night everything changed, he avoides me now and he even said to me forgive me for last night.. I shouldnt.

I got a bit mad, how he dares!!!?? He was eager to do it, I could feel it, I could see it in his eyes during all the time we were on that table.

Anyway, it is ok.  I dont want him as a formal boyfriend.. but I do enjoy his company and its not nice he kind of ignores me.

I will start ignore him 😀 .. tho, I do like him as friend.

Other engineer …. Kings…he is still in love with me, he went to eat quesadillas once, we made out, but come on it was a friendly thing, he shoudnt have thought we would go be in a relationship …  we barely talk and see each other, he is a good boy after all.

Kikiri boo, dammit, he will never give up…seems so, but he is totally stuck in the Friend Zone,  he is very nice but I am not into shagging him lol, not even into making out with him… I am sorry .. maybe he could start losing weight  😀

Fer  2 …never saw him after the Xmas party at work … ok, I lie ..I did see him once again in my office, he greeted me but mothing more. Maybe I should have acted, or maybe he wasnt into me seems I finished in the xmas party dancing with tac engineers and Fergie (I think they dislike each other).

New Fer, I met him during a concert on Valentine’s day, I saw him, tall and handsome. I approached to him and we were dancing and kissing aaaaallll night. At the end, I felt kinda bad since I didnt even know him name..  he got my phone and called me next week. We met again, he looked so …. poorly dressed .. well, he is still a student …but still, he didnt need a tailor made suit, but he looked like he didnt care about his looks, which decrease his attractiveness (Even thought, he is veeeery tall, has gorgeous eyes and a  nice tan), pluuus, he is also a student his 24 years … WTF! No doubt, he has not a penny. Sorry, but at my age I do chase other kind of men … at least with a job.

Thats all about men ..

ohhh, at the office I liked one boy Alex but it turns out that he is married…and Viktor …he seems into me but maybe he is just polite, anyway he told me I was very pretty and likeable.  That makes me feel well.

I do think I am pretty, tho I feel kinda fat now …but the fact is that I dont do anything about it .

I excused behind my knee pain, but luckily my legs are much better.

So, lets make a plan for the future, exercise, rock at work, get some boys and some fun.

Also, I do have a new computer and a tablet… tho, I should have bought the slimmest laptop and a smaller tablet  😛 


My Friday night

After facing some problem. Here I am doing a puzzle instead of being drunk with friends.

I really hate the that I can get a phone call anytime.

I need some relaxation

For my mind and body