secret everywhere

we all have secrets, and since you have gone I have behave well, but I cant confess I needed some fun.

Nope, I didnt shag any one.

I just went to beer factory and after 3 litres of beer made out with a ¨friend¨ was weird since he is a virgin and you can notice it even in the kisses, after that night, he apologized with me and we talk less now. ITs a shance since he is a nice guy, but OK, since I dont want anything serious with him.

I came back to past and met K… but he is, I dont know, simply not for me, I hope he can get a girlfriend and get over me. I cant blame him for beign so  in love, but come one after so much time that I didnt even speak to him, how come he is still in love?? weird guy… 

the new guy at work, its someone I could fall in love with, but we are coworkers and my love is coming back to town, so all will be ok.

ohh Rock…well nothing to say about that ass… I never saw him again …and thats ok.

After all, I think my Josef is the one …we will see it.