Awareness of life

Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Veronika decides to die’ based on Paulo Coelho’s book.

I remember I loved that book. I was exciting about the movie but it is really bad. Please, don’t lose precious time of your life watching it.

On the other hand the book is great.
Veronika is sick of life, as many of us can relate, until she wakes up in the awareness of life.

I think that is what is missing in my life: the awareness of life.

The  question is how to find it, how to be truly aware that every minute of life is a miracle?

If you know, please let me know.

I’m 28 now and I still don’t know how to be happy. I’m a zombie.


Fooled again

I did quit my job by chat since my boss was in Costa Rica.

We talked face to face when he came back. He said much. He promised he was fighting to get me a salary increase (lie) and that I can stop being in charge of MX and focus in auditory (sounds boring, right?).

So, few days later Charlie and I are training the new guys who will be in charge of our job. They are not so good, one is careless and the girl a bit distracted.  I don’t know how that will end.

I’m heading to Europe on Sunday. Hope my work will survive and that I can do better for my new job activities, that my boss said will include traveling and give trainings.

So far that’s all in the mine coal… I will keep you posted. 😉