First tinder date

Yes,  I did it.  I joined tinder.

And I had many matches but one catched my eye: Karl.

So,  on Friday was a surprised meeting in a pizza house so celebrate my friend Therese.  A friend of her contacted me by Facebook so I could join them.

All was OK.  I even told Jose Luis to meet to go together  since I didn’t want to go on my own. But I also had a chance to meet my tinder date.

I said to Jl the celebration  was cancelled and went on a date. 
Be risky,  a friend will have more birthdays.

It was bad from me.

Anyway I met him in a mall near home we agreed to go to the cinema so we can hug  I thought he was kidding but he wasn’t.

He arrived one hour late because of the traffic and rain but OK he arrived.  He looked cuter on pic but he is not bad at all.  I like his right jeans and his bracelet. 

We had to wait for the movie for almost an hour and we talked a lot.  He is quite different,  crazy,  honest,  transparent.

I don’t know if I like him as boyfriend or lover but I do feel attraction about some of his features that are quite attractive.

He says he can see the halo of people and that mine is violet. He drove me home. He is nice.

We saw insurgent 3D and he said let’s hug  and we did and I liked it. It was very comfortable.

He loves to dance but I don’t dance quite well that can be a big inconvenient for us…

We will see maybe he is yellow.


Poem he showed me

usted sabe 
puede contar 
no hasta dos 
o hasta diez 
sino contar 

si alguna vez 
que la miro a los ojos 
y una veta de amor 
reconoce en los míos 
no alerte sus fusiles 
ni piense qué delirio 
a pesar de la veta 
o tal vez porque existe 
usted puede contar 

si otras veces 
me encuentra 
huraño sin motivo 
no piense qué flojera 
igual puede contar 

pero hagamos un trato 
yo quisiera contar 
con usted 

es tan lindo 
saber que usted existe 
uno se siente vivo 
y cuando digo esto 
quiero decir contar 
aunque sea hasta dos 
aunque sea hasta cinco 
no ya para que acuda 
presurosa en mi auxilio 
sino para saber 
a ciencia cierta 
que usted sabe que puede 
contar conmigo.

M.  Benedetti

He is back and he is gone

I blocked Rock six months ago,  the guy I met in the bus.

I finally found out what happened.

I grew  up with the idea that love is magical,  something that should be like a movie, exciting,  romantic, crazy,  that makes you drunk.

In my mind the way I met Rock  was how love supposed to be.  All a big coincidence that happened because it had to happen. It was destiny.  I took the wrong bus,  he didn’t drive that day because universe made our meeting happen.

That is what I thought.  I fell in love with the idea of love.  The idea of what could happen with us.  I expected to see him,  to fall in love,  to date him,  to grow up memories with him,  even to meet his son. 

I don’t know why he didn’t want to see me again.  But he seemed to enjoy our chats.  After months of being fooled with hopes I decided to delete him.  I was free.. Kinda.

On the first days of March I suddenly saw in my mailbox  an email from him.
I was totally surprised…  My face changed I called Carlos showing him that saying ‘what the fuck is this email?’
My boss saw my face and asked me what has happened.  I didn’t know what to  say. 

After some hours I replied… Being calmed and cool.

We chatted again and I said let’s eat on Friday.  I stopped taking to him since wenedssay and he of course didn’t contact me.  That was fine,  on Friday my boss invited us for lunch.

As I’m stupid I kept talking to him.  He never said anything  about meeting again.

I don’t understand  why he wanted to talk to me again.  He said wanted to see how I was,  what I have been doing.

That he always remembers me, he said.  That I shouldn’t  ask for reasons. 
That he likes me a lot he said. 

I remember  before he said he had to arrange some stuff before meeting me.
We added each other on instagram. I saw a woman’s pic,  and a baby girl pics.  I think that is what he had to fix that when he met me his gf/lover/wife was pregnant. 

What does he want? I don’t  know.

I made a psycho magic trick today to forget about him.  I wrote that the reason why I like him and I coudnt find many reasons.  I don’t know him.

It’s time to let him go finally.

I’m not sure about what to do,  deleting him or letting him..  Seeing online.  That’s empty.  He is never present.

Whatever,  I don’t want to lose more time thinking about him.

Good bye.
Nice knowing you.
Thanks for benedetti ‘s poem.