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“Te limitas por paredes que solo tú construyes”

La única cosa que te limita de hacer lo que quieres en la vida eres tú mismo. No sigas siendo tu propio obstáculo, derriba esas paredes y abre tu mente, así lograrás todo lo que te propones.


Dont be afraid

The only thing we should fear its fear itself.

I have been waiting so long for the perfect timing. 

Wake up! There is not perfect time. 

It´s time to pursue my dreams now. 

This year is my deadline… I will go. 

Danny, don´t be afraid… or be … but face it.

Stop living in your comfort zone .. do what you need to do to fulfill your life.

Do what God made you to do… 

Something is missing, its time to realize what it is …

Dont be afraid… everything will be fine.

And if things are not fine, you can always go back home … to that loving Mother you have.

If you have those dreams its for some reason.

There´s a master plan for all …just dare to trust yourself and trusts God´s plan.

but, if you dont dare … never complain about what could have been… 

it was your choice..

Just do it … what can go wrong? many things … but what can go right? much more things.

why not?

what stops you? nothing.

Get your health and weight back and move …

dont spend other birthday at home…. do what you always dreamt about … do it now …

I would get everything for free

Charlie and I arrived to the dining room.

There was not an empty table so we shared it. Some minutes later, rockabilly arrived he is irreverent and seems cool.

So he started saying…

If I were a girl I would get everything for free.

-But what if you were ugly?

Come on, boy, p…ssy is p..ssy. I would say to him invite me for lunch everyday and we shag on Friday.

So, how do you call that? a whore?

Would you get everything for free if you were a girl?

I am a girl and sometimes I feel awkward if some men pays all for me.

I guess you don’t even have to shag someone to get a free meal 😀 lol

I am in love

Finally I stopped being obsessed with Rock. 

I took me so much time, but now I am healed.

I confess we could have done so many things, but we did nothing.

Such things happen. I hope he is fine.

Quings seems to finally accept the fact I am not for him, and he has stopped bothering me. I always said  this would end. I didn’t want to be mean, but he is not the one for me.

but I don’t wanna be rude, so I will keep in touch with him.

Plus, I forgot we went on a long weekend trip together and he was a mess… and I don’t wanna repeat the experience we had together …it was just … no what I expected.

I am in love with other king of man …

with a classy, polite, smart, elegant, gentle guy …

A guy who open the doors for a girl, who respects her and wants to protect her ..

a man I am still looking for…

he is somewhere … I need to be ready …to be the best of me …so when I find him…he will find me

Unknown young men touched me

Everything started with a spot near my breast.  I thought it was a  bruise but days passed and it didn’t go away.

I started to get paranoid. What if I had cancer? I also felt something weird in my left boob. What if I was Pregnant of the worst sex in my life?
I went to the doctor to get a appointment and meanwhile the secretary nurse (idk exactly what is her position) gave me a pass to prevention.

I was there.  I always saw women nurse but I noticed there was a male nurse. I didn’t think I have a chance to get one.

For my surprise  I saw a young man,  Probably younger than me..  And yes,  he entered to my doctor room.  Oh,  God, no. 

Yes,  that men was the nurse.  My turn arrived,  and he said he mostly could check my breast and the papanicolou (what an ugly name).  Do you want them now?  What the hell… I did it. 

Before that he asked for my data,  like my phone..  So there I can call you to invite you out?..  He said.

We went to the examination room,  he touched my boobs,  and then I had to lie down and open my legs… He asked if I was nervous  or if I was always that smiley?

What the hell you can do under that situation?

All finished very fast.
The spot is nothing according to my doctor.

And he never wrote again

I thought my tinder date was fine but he never wrote me again after that message saying he arrived home fine.

I did start  the conversation twice but he wasn’t very chatty.  It’s fine.

I doubt he will write me again.  Maybe because he is too much into dancing  and I’m not that much.  Maybe because…  I really don’t know and don’t care.  It’s fine.

The other day I was driving and suddenly I thought that maybe Rock is married and probably he just found out about the baby girl when we met and that’s why he never wanted to see me.

After months he searched me again.  I don’t know why.

I decided stop worried about what Rock or Charlie might want. Both seem no to be interested in me and that’s fine.

Kids hope you are OK.

I cancelled my tinder account.  I might open it again when I lost 10 kilos and get cured of my colitis.

Life is good with or without a boy.