Men will be men 

On Saturday I decided to go to Six Flags because I had a free pass for a friend and I was supposed to give it to Anna.  

Well, that girl didn’t even bother in answering tru WhatsApp or anything and at the end she didn’t come. 

That’s bothered me a bit because I was feeling sick but still went because of her. 

She is not trustworthy. Also, twice she  has asked me to buy her some snacks and didn’t pay for them. Grr. I must stop lending money. 

Anyway. Luis and his friends arrived late to the meeting point. I learnt we must value more others time. My friend panda was already there.  I arrived some minutes late. 

I also started disliking a bit Luigi, I must keep a bit distance. 

Panda was telling me about a guy who just married.  The newlyweds, both, work in our company. On Friday night they attended to a party and the groom was caught shagging another girl from the office. This other girl is such an ugly slut according to my sources. 

Just 15 days after the wedding the bride found his now husband with other. What an ugly situation. 

Panda asked me what would I do in such case. He said we would divorce immediately. I wasn’t sure about my answer.  But I think I would do the same. 

I can’t even forget Josep’s betrayal with that Korean girl, even when I’m not sure if something happened between there.  

I am not sure if monogamy is possible. But I am sure that confidence is glass and once broken is gone.

It’s been three years now when I caught Josep’s messages with the Korean girl. I am not sure of what happened between them. It Hurt me a lot. I became crazy 😡. I cried, I scratched him I scratched myself 😥

I think if I were the bride I would become crazy. And I would leave him.  If he can do that 15 days after the wedding no doubt he would do worse things later 

Ahhh!!  Men will be men. 


When I was younger…

I used to write a lot… About everything and about nothing and it was great.

After I started working and left it because I was too busy to say and write. I have been trying to go back to blogging but I haven’t succeed until now.

Now blogging is so easy. I can do it from every place on my iPhone.  So, there is no excuse. 

Now I am 28 years old. When did this happen? I have no idea.

I joined to the gym a month ago but I can’t yet see im losing weight.  It makes me a bit frustrated, but it’s ok. I just became serious about exercising 2 weeks ago.  

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I go to spinning class at 19hrs. And on Tuesday and Thursday I do body pump… Whatever that means….

Last month I attended to the gym on Saturday. It was good. I must try to do it more often. After all, it’s not Like I have lots of things to go. 

I feel good at gym, even when I feel a bit nervous about the strange machines to do exercise and the people over there.  But now that I’m thinking about it  I realize nobody cares about me… I am ashamed of going there with my little belly.. But I suspect no one cares. 

I don’t know why I spend so much time thinking about it  when in fact no one cares.  I must remember this everytime I was shyly into the gym.  Fuck them… I will fit sooner than later.  

Today I didn’t attend to the gym, I was not feeling well tho I didn’t feel bad either.  

Tomorrow I will go.  

On Tuesday I take the bus to go to work.  It’s not that bad now. We have a bus from our company that picks us up. I need to arrive at our 715 am to get a proper seat.  So, I can sleep, read and now write. 🤓

Lately I’m having a fight to find out what to wear.  I feel frustrated since I’m a bit fat nothing seems to suit me well.  I know I might be exaggerating, but I do feel this way. 

I see other people wearing nice clothes or dresses and me always wearing boring plants and blouses to cover my fatness. 😞

I want to dress nicely too.  
Anyway. I.must go to bed now since every morning I can barely get up.

I need to change…
Tata 😘