He is alwaysthere for me . 

He said I am the love of his life. I told him he was crazy. 

Today he is not here for me and that’s OK. I guess I never expected this day. I thought he would always be waiting for me. 

I don’t feel sad but it is a punch to my ego. 

Maybe finally as I always wanted I got rid of him. 

I planned to stop seeing him by the excuse that he forgot my birthday. 

He has been in love with me for years. 

We see each other for a while and I get bored of him and stop talking to him for months. Then we start again, an endless circle.

I like him, but I don’t love him. I can’t see my future with him. I like the way he dresses and the way he smells, but that’s all. 

He once said he wanted me to be his girlfriend and later marry me.  

He had those puppy eyes while saying it.  I guess inside of me I just laughed. I was mean I guess))) 

I suppose we can be friends, I’m not sure if he wants .  Maybe finally he got over me and if he did I just can say he do the right thing.

I am just not good for him.

Wait, I remember he always hides me things and many people told me he is not the good boy that he shows he is to me. Maybe he hides his real self.  Maybe I don’t know who he is.

I foram still waiting  for his answer. 

I guess it is better this way. 

Goodbye crazy in love boy….


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