Late Late Late

My period was soo late this month.

Around 13-15 days.

This was the second time in all my life that my period comes so late.

The first time was in January 2018, after spending my holidays in Prague.

and now in this May. I wasn’t worried because I didn’t get laid like in ages.

But still it makes me wonder if maybe something was wrong with my body.

I think I should start eating better.


Unknown young men touched me

Everything started with a spot near my breast.  I thought it was a  bruise but days passed and it didn’t go away.

I started to get paranoid. What if I had cancer? I also felt something weird in my left boob. What if I was Pregnant of the worst sex in my life?
I went to the doctor to get a appointment and meanwhile the secretary nurse (idk exactly what is her position) gave me a pass to prevention.

I was there.  I always saw women nurse but I noticed there was a male nurse. I didn’t think I have a chance to get one.

For my surprise  I saw a young man,  Probably younger than me..  And yes,  he entered to my doctor room.  Oh,  God, no. 

Yes,  that men was the nurse.  My turn arrived,  and he said he mostly could check my breast and the papanicolou (what an ugly name).  Do you want them now?  What the hell… I did it. 

Before that he asked for my data,  like my phone..  So there I can call you to invite you out?..  He said.

We went to the examination room,  he touched my boobs,  and then I had to lie down and open my legs… He asked if I was nervous  or if I was always that smiley?

What the hell you can do under that situation?

All finished very fast.
The spot is nothing according to my doctor.