Fuck me badly once ..shame on you

Fuck me badly twice …shame on me

I should have known it.  Today I had a presentation with a Korean and Chinese classmates. This Chinese girl is weird, her attitude confuses me. It is like she doesn’t understand what needs to be done and just want do things her way.

She told me she has a a business. She and her boyfriend knows how to get scholarships to go to study to China, either Chinese languages, or a Bachelor´s, Masters, etc. She said she can send me there for free but also want me to help her to sell such services to the Spanish speaking world. She guarantees you to get the scholarship to study in China but you should pay her agency, 20% of the total amount of the scholarship. That is a lot of money.

2 weeks ago I went to have lunch to her house, but it was weird. I arrived and they told me, now you can cook. What? Wasn’t I a guess? She and her Korean boyfriend were nice, but still different, maybe because they have other culture.

But back to the presentation, before we worked together and she took forever to finish the PPT. In fact, she finished at dawn and this time, even when I started the file days ago, she didn’t even put an slide in the ppt until tomorrow at 11 pm and she changed everything and put some crazy stuff.

She wants to do such crazy things that of course they finished being all wrong.  She event deleted ¨by mistake¨ the slide about our organization chart. I didn’t get angry, but I wasn’t happy with her and she could notice.

The teachers destroyed our presentation, but at least this time it was longer. (Last month, my team did also poorly and I had to talk whatever I could to spend more time).

I would never work with this girl in any project and I think the business with her would also not work.

I shouldn’t be scared to say NO. No, thanks. I don´t want to work with you.

but, I am improving anywhere.

I am just getting better.