31th April 2017

Suddenly, the magic happens  on Friday I had to escape from my office during lunch time to arrive to the capital in order to start a trip to the north.
I was excited. I was wearing some relaxing pants black and white that I have never wore before. I took the metro and walked to the meeting point. I was in a line when he arrived. 
I liked him since then first moment. I just could do some small chat. I was waiting for my friend Adolf to arrive.
The trip was OK. 


Fingers through my hair 

I don’t want to forget the night of 30th December. 

Serge and u were supposed to go a Spanish party.  The boyfriend of Alexandra is Spanish. She is an ex colleague of Serge. 

I didn’t feel like going very much but I was not going to say it.  So, we were resting in bed and decided not to go due some logistics issues as excuse. Well, next day we had to leave around 11 am.  

We didn’t go.  But it was getting late to get some food and drinks to celebrate.  It was around 7pm and we decide to go and explore around.  I was worried we wouldn’t find anything open but luckily we did.  

To be honest I wouldn’t have mind not to have something to celebrate new year  but I thought Serge wouldn’t be happy maybe also because he would think about me, right?

We did. We bought some stuff and sodas to take home. We walked a lot. But at the end we had food, wine and tequila.

We got wasted. 

But what I wanted to remember is that I was sitting and there was a mirror in front of me. He was behind me and started touching my hair… Your hair is so dark, he said.  

It made me feel beautiful. It was a way of saying so. I felt that way. 

I felt like he was opening himself to me. 

But I guess he ever really did.  

I stay with this moment.  He.. Playing with my hair. 

He and I sitting somewhere in the Netherlands. 

Nothing else happened that night. 

I we don’t remember when we fall asleep.