Est-ce que je t’ai parlé de Julian?

Il était mon collègue au travail.

Il était calme et facile à vivre.

Je n’ai jamais remarqué, jusqu’à un jour, que je voyais ses bras pendant qu’il se rendait à la cafétéria.

Il va définitivement au gym, je pensais.

Je l’aimais.

Il était plutôt beau.

Il est allé au cinéma une fois, alors que personne d’autre ne voulait y aller.

A partir de ce jour, nous sommes allés au cinéma presque tous les mercredis.

Une fois, nous sommes même allés dans une autre ville pour une excursion d’une journée.

Nous n’avons jamais embrassé ou quoi que ce soit.

mais j’ai apprécié mon temps avec lui.

Quand j’ai quitté, il a gardé le contact avec moi. Beaucoup d’autres personnes ne l’ont pas fait.

Je l’ai rencontré pour peu de temps, mais il est toujours mon ami.

Je me souviens que je me suis endormi au cinéma une fois, il s’en souvient aussi, il se moque de moi.

Je ne veux pas oublier ça.


stuck in nowhere

I just realized how Fast the time past… It is an old saying, but its so true.

Other thing that can fade away are dreams … the more time it past the more difficult is to achieve them. Why? Because we are too settle in our comfort zone.

I remember when I was a teenager .. I wanted to be 18 years old and escape away from my home, from the city, from the country. 10 years later, I didn’t escape. Anyway, I barely remember my dreams, but I remember they were big.

Where did they stay?

I am not the same person I was 5 years ago. I remember I was crazier. I was doing crazy things … ¨meeting¨ crazy men.

I need to do something or I will never do anything in my life.

I have a stable job, but what’s that? It is nothing. Doing the same one more year will drive me crazy.

I decided to quit tomorrow after my boss returned from China, but I need to delay it at least for a week, because I have not a plan.

I just feel I need to jump even if there is not a plan. To jump into the unknown. what’s the worst that can happen? But …what is the best that can happen?

Coworker in love

I dislike my coworker Ema since the day he team and I went to have some drinks. Frank and Ana (the other two newbies) didn’t go. It was just me and three boys.

After two bottles of whiskey, Ema who I already thought was a dork, said I could so much better that with the engineers, that I was a pretty girl, that he was in love with me and so much bullshit.

I didn’t know what to do or say. I said nothing so he was like think about it, you have my heart in your hands. WTF!!! I hired you! And we were friends.

That and his willing to grab my hand destroyed my willing of being his friend. I don’t know why.

I disliked him and from that moment more and more
Since then we barely talk.
Ana quit

I just have frank now. He is so much fun. We are always gossiping and talking about style and such.

Eduardo thinks he is gay. I guess so.

He speaks Chinese so well and he is just 22yo!!!!

Anyway I have been rude towards Ema, and talking bad about it. When suddenly I remembered the day I dropped Jamaica water on the white floor he helped me to mop, I felt horrible for that accident.  Suddenly I felt ashamed.

I should be a leader, not a critic.
I should support, not give more problems.

I will change my attitude from now.

After all, we can’t blame him for falling in love with me.

But he better realizes he has no chance. I think he did.