stuck in nowhere

I just realized how Fast the time past… It is an old saying, but its so true.

Other thing that can fade away are dreams … the more time it past the more difficult is to achieve them. Why? Because we are too settle in our comfort zone.

I remember when I was a teenager .. I wanted to be 18 years old and escape away from my home, from the city, from the country. 10 years later, I didn’t escape. Anyway, I barely remember my dreams, but I remember they were big.

Where did they stay?

I am not the same person I was 5 years ago. I remember I was crazier. I was doing crazy things … ¨meeting¨ crazy men.

I need to do something or I will never do anything in my life.

I have a stable job, but what’s that? It is nothing. Doing the same one more year will drive me crazy.

I decided to quit tomorrow after my boss returned from China, but I need to delay it at least for a week, because I have not a plan.

I just feel I need to jump even if there is not a plan. To jump into the unknown. what’s the worst that can happen? But …what is the best that can happen?


My Friday night

After facing some problem. Here I am doing a puzzle instead of being drunk with friends.

I really hate the that I can get a phone call anytime.

I need some relaxation

For my mind and body


Coworker in love

I dislike my coworker Ema since the day he team and I went to have some drinks. Frank and Ana (the other two newbies) didn’t go. It was just me and three boys.

After two bottles of whiskey, Ema who I already thought was a dork, said I could so much better that with the engineers, that I was a pretty girl, that he was in love with me and so much bullshit.

I didn’t know what to do or say. I said nothing so he was like think about it, you have my heart in your hands. WTF!!! I hired you! And we were friends.

That and his willing to grab my hand destroyed my willing of being his friend. I don’t know why.

I disliked him and from that moment more and more
Since then we barely talk.
Ana quit

I just have frank now. He is so much fun. We are always gossiping and talking about style and such.

Eduardo thinks he is gay. I guess so.

He speaks Chinese so well and he is just 22yo!!!!

Anyway I have been rude towards Ema, and talking bad about it. When suddenly I remembered the day I dropped Jamaica water on the white floor he helped me to mop, I felt horrible for that accident.  Suddenly I felt ashamed.

I should be a leader, not a critic.
I should support, not give more problems.

I will change my attitude from now.

After all, we can’t blame him for falling in love with me.

But he better realizes he has no chance. I think he did.