Finally writing more

Why so?

Because I’m uncomfty in the bus. There’s no enough space for my long legs, neither enough life to read my book.

So I decided to write a little.

I decides I would drive from now on to my work. Tho, I dont know the way. I think now what stops me is that.

Fear has been overcome for the horrible long commutings.

For example, yesterday the bus broke down and left us in the middle of nothing. I had to take other bus, no seats available, of course. And then then take other bus … Pfff.

It was so hot.
I need to drive


Coworker in love

I dislike my coworker Ema since the day he team and I went to have some drinks. Frank and Ana (the other two newbies) didn’t go. It was just me and three boys.

After two bottles of whiskey, Ema who I already thought was a dork, said I could so much better that with the engineers, that I was a pretty girl, that he was in love with me and so much bullshit.

I didn’t know what to do or say. I said nothing so he was like think about it, you have my heart in your hands. WTF!!! I hired you! And we were friends.

That and his willing to grab my hand destroyed my willing of being his friend. I don’t know why.

I disliked him and from that moment more and more
Since then we barely talk.
Ana quit

I just have frank now. He is so much fun. We are always gossiping and talking about style and such.

Eduardo thinks he is gay. I guess so.

He speaks Chinese so well and he is just 22yo!!!!

Anyway I have been rude towards Ema, and talking bad about it. When suddenly I remembered the day I dropped Jamaica water on the white floor he helped me to mop, I felt horrible for that accident.  Suddenly I felt ashamed.

I should be a leader, not a critic.
I should support, not give more problems.

I will change my attitude from now.

After all, we can’t blame him for falling in love with me.

But he better realizes he has no chance. I think he did.


The other day I had a dream about Josef and some girl he met in my country that I don’t like that much in my dream it was like, maybe they were cheating on me.

Nothing was clear but I was very mad about it…. And I threw him out of my house.

But also I dreamt about the man I met in the green bus. Rodrigo, I dont know why he obssess me that much if I just saw him that day in the bus and other in the street.  In my dream he saw a photo of me and a little girl and he thought I was a good with kids and since he has a little boy he decided it was good to hang with me.

I was asking him why? Why you wanna meet me now?

I woke up.

Why did I get so obsessed?

I don’t know

Now that I remember, he kinda reminds me a boy I met years ago in my teaching classes, Daniel.

I was kinda into him and we celebrate my 23 birthday #goodtimes

Now he lives in another city but he says I can go anytime.  Maybe I should? Sounds like fun. After all, spring is here. Sounds like trouble!